Scotland Travel Guide

If you are planning a visit to Scotland then Travel Guide Scotland is your new best friend! This website provides top tips on where, when and how to visit the country’s best attractions. This will have your Instagram page full of those iconic pictures. From ancient castles to modern cities we list all of the must see places. In addition we can help guide you  to the best hotels, restaurants and bars in Scotland’s cities, towns and villages. Visit our events page to find out where concerts, Highland games and festivals are near you.

Our Accommodation pages can help you decide on where to stay and what type of accommodation is best. Like most places there are so much to choose from. There are 5 star luxury hotels such as the Balmoral in Edinburgh or Gleneagles to budget friendly hostels or campsites. Once you get away from the hustle and bustle and into the Highlands and Islands there are less recognisable hotel brands and the accommodation is more independently run. All this and more in or ultimate Scotland travel Guide.

Scotland has many great places to Eat & drink. This is partly due to the great location for fresh ingredients from farming to fishing. Scotland’s food and drink is exported world wide so make sure you enjoy this on your trip, The country has many Whisky distilleries and most have the option to visit where you can take a distillery tour and sample a few whiskies. There is also the newly opened Johnnie Walker visitor centre in Edinburgh.