Edinburgh Airport To City Centre

The best ways from Edinburgh Airport to the City Centre

So you have just arrived at Edinburgh Airport! Now how do you get from Edinburgh Airport to the city centre and how much is it going to cost you…..

Getting to town is fairly easy however when you come out of the arrival hall it can be quite confusing. There is the Tram, multiple buses, Black taxis, private taxi’s or even UBER.



Edinburgh Airport is the last stop on the tram line. The tram terminal is located just outside of the airport terminal. If you are exiting via the doors near Starbucks and the M&S store then keep walking straight ahead, once outside, the tram terminal is straight ahead. If exiting via any other door turn left and keep following the signs.

Make sure you buy your ticket at the ticket machines before getting on the tram or you will be fined £10. You can use the Transport for Edinburgh app to purchase m-tickets however it has to been one device per person (exception being family tickets). A return ticket from the airport is £8.50 for an adult or £4.50 for a child (5-15 years).

The travel time is approximately 35 mins to the city centre with the tram line ending in York place next to the city centre bus station. The trams operate from Edinburgh airport every 10 minutes from 6.18am to 22.48pm. The tram is a good option when there is a lot of traffic jams especially during August however can be busy at rush hour.

Airport to city centre


The Airlink bus is run by Lothian buses who also run the trams. There are 4 different routes from the airport, the 100, 200, 300 & 400. Most people would use the 100 as this goes to the city centre ending on Waverley bridge at the east end of Princess street next to Waverley train station and at the foot of the castle. The 200 goes to Ocean terminal, the 300 goes to Cameron Toll and the 400 goes to Fort Kinnaird (note these 3 buses are further out than the city centre).

Adult tickets for the 100 are priced at £7.50 for a return and £4.50 for a single. Child tickets are £3.00 for a return and £2.00 for a  single. 

Buses run every 10 minutes from 4.30am to 1.00am. Journey time is similar to the tram with Edinburgh having many bus lanes. This is a slightly different route to the tram so can be useful if you are staying near the Zoo. 


100 bus Airport Edinburgh


Taxi’s and private hire cabs are more difficult to locate at the airport. The Taxi rank is located within the multi-story car park just in front of the Terminal. Follow the signs cross the road, as you enter the car park you have the Black cabs to your right hand side and the Private cabs are straight ahead.

Technically Private taxis have to be pre-booked, so customers have to walk into the Cabin to book and then walk through to get the taxi that is waiting. This should be a set fare also so no surprises. Previously the Black cabs had the monopoly at the airport and now there is more competition and cheaper prices. When walking into the car park you are often approached by someone asking if you want a Taxi, if you want a cheaper trip politely decline and say you are wanting a private hire and walk over to the Cabin. Taxi drivers in Edinburgh are reliable and don’t tend to manipulate the fare. 


Aiport Taxi


For the millennial’s there is always UBER. Once you clear arrivals order your ride approximately 10 minutes before you need it via the app. The designated Pick up /Drop off is located in the terminal car park. This is just across the road from the terminal. Follow the signs for UBER. 
Depending on the type of vehicle a typical journey from the airport to town centre can cost between £14-£30. 

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